How To Get A Quotation?

If you planed to do some printing projects, you can drop an email to us at To calculate out the accurate price, we will need the WWWH information:
What material?
What printing color?
What size?
How many?

For example, if you need to produce paper bags, you can tell us the WWWH:
200gsm gloss coated paper, PP rope handle (this is What material part);
One pantone 877C print, logo silver foil stamping (this is What printing color part);
200(H)*300(W)*10(G)mm (this is What size part);
10000 quantity (this is How many part).

When we get such specification, we will calculate and reply to you with quotation in 2 hours if it is in our working hours (8:00-0:00 GMT +8, totally 16 hours per day).

I do not know anything about printing-tech, and I do not know WWWH, how can I make an inquiry?

You can just tell us what you want, what industry are you in and so on, we will work out the WWWH solution for you and send quotation to you.

For example, you tell us:” I want to make paper bags, I am a cosmetic company, our product size is 55*55*200, I want to put 4 in each bag, and I want to make 5000 bags”, then we can know what material is better for you and the size, printing color and so on, so we can calculate the cost for you.

2020/05/21 16:38
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