Why Choose Us

1. A True Factory 

We are a complete printing factory with equipment that spans the entire process from pre-press plate making to post-process folding, binding, surface treatment, and everything in between.

2. Experience

We have over 11 years of print industry experience serving international clients of all sizes. No job is too large or too small for our team

3. High Quality

We employ only the highest quality printing presses and related equipment. Our reject/ defect rates are significantly lower than industry standards due to our automatic machines and the production processes we employ. We operate our facility using ISO 9001 standards, and each phase of our production is accompanied by the strictest Quality Control inspections. With these processes in place, we confidently extend our 100% quality satisfaction guarantee to all our valued clients. If any significant quality issue should get by our system of controls, we will spare no effort in ensuring that it is rectified to the satisfaction of our client.

4. Service

We recognize that when our clients are making the decision to send their production overseas, they are placing their trust in our hands. We assure you that your trust is appreciated, and as such, our team of professionals will provide you with a premium service that is second to none. We offer an integrated one-stop printing service from design, to printing, packaging, and shipping to your door.

5. Cost Management

Our production processes are streamlined to reduce our overhead costs, and we use only the most modern and efficient machines. These savings are passed directly on to our clients. Many of our customers realize 30% - 50% savings on their orders. We invite you to request a free quotation from us.

6. Speed
We pride ourselves on our ability to produce your orders quickly. Most jobs have a 5–15-day lead time, with 48 hour run times available for special orders (simple small run orders). We offer flexible production arrangements that are guaranteed to meet and exceed the needs of even the most demanding schedules.


We are committed to demonstrating to you that if you are looking for a printer that can offer you the highest quality product, in a cost-effective manner, that meets your schedule, you need not look any further than Shenzhen Candidus Printing Group. Contact us today to discuss your printing needs.